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PV plants production forecast

High quality nationwide production forecast

Production forecast

Clouds tracking

Computer assisted sky-imaging gives us a greater exposition forecast

Sky Scanner

We predict future

We forecast the solar radiations and compute the solar production accordingly

Solar irradiation

We predict the intensity of solar radiation at any time in the Czech Republic up to 5 days in advance at fixed time intervals.

We work with several different sources of satellite predictions, which guarantees the robustness and the overall reliability of the service. We have long-term observations of evolution of lighting conditions in various regions of the Czech Republic and use it to improve our predictions.

We can further refine the forecasts up to one minute intervals using an additional exposure sensor or recently with a camera following the sky and cloud cover.


We provide exposure prediction values as an online service suitable in particular for control systems for photovoltaic power plants and battery depots. Based on the exposure prediction, the amount of energy produced by a PV plant can be calculated with some precision and the production process over time can be derived.

Thanks to the exposure prediction, the intelligent battery management algorithm can select an appropriate energy management strategy and maximize the local use of the energy produced by the photovoltaic installation.

We use a local PLC that supports both communication with our server and converting exposure values to production. The adaptive algorithm can take into account the specificities of a given photovoltaic installation when forecasting the production and the quantity of energy produced.

Our services

Online forecast adapted to your needs

PV Forecast

Local specific exposure forecast for any location in the Czech Republic.

  • 1 hour resolution
  • 5 days forecast

The forecast is up to 5 days in advance by hourly step. The service is based on several independent sources, guaranteeing its reliability.

We provide the service for FREE. All we need is the location of the location for which you want to download the forecast.

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PV Nowcast

Feedback from a locally installed exposure sensor increases short-term accuracy.

PV forecast extension

  • Resolution 15min
  • precise forecast for 8h

For maximum accuracy, a solar irradiation sensor can be installed at the point where the forecast is calculated to provide feedback to our algorithm. It will then ensure a significant refinement of the site forecasts.

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Sky Scanner

The daily detection of the cloud layer by computer vision makes it possible to predict the evolution of clouds with great precision at a given location.

PV forecast extension

  • resolution 1min
  • high precision for 20min-1h

A new feature is the possibility of installing a sky-scanner, which sends images to our computer servers, where a detailed and very precise forecast for a given location is calculated.

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What we have done recently

Save up 15% to 20% of energy

Predicting solar irradiation and subsequently simulating the building’s energy balance allow you to choose a sophisticated energy management strategy.

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