University center for Energy Efficient Buildings

Among other things, our objective is to comprehensively address the issue of the use of renewable resources as a substitute for conventional energy sources in buildings, in accordance with one of the highest priorities of the European Union – reducing CO2 emissions.

Smart building monitoring and control

  • We are implementing systems to adapt energy consumption according to the condition and price of energy from the external energy network or from available renewable sources.
  • We design hybrid solar systems.
  • We design predictive control systems using intelligent energy storage and reuse.
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Photovoltaic systems and electrical engineering laboratory

  • Behavior analysis, data collection and forecasting of PV system performance
  • Analysis and monitoring of the behavior of hybrid PV systems
  • Design of PV systems for mobile applications
  • PV inverters test
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Ing. Petr Wolf, Ph.D.

Head of the photovoltaic laboratory

  • photovoltaic systems
  • battery storage management
  • building energy
RNDr. Vladislav Martínek

PVF team leader

  • SW design
  • data analysis
  • time series prediction
Ing. Marek Maška


  • database
  • web services
  • management strategy
Ing. Sofiane Kichou, Ph.D.

research and development

  • data analysis
  • simulation
Barabara Stefanovska

research and development

  • computer vision
  • image processing
Azim Mazinani


  • hardware specialist
  • image processing