Presentation at Aquatherm 2020

4. 3. 2020 Uncategorized

PV Forecast – benefits of exposure prediction Solar forecasting for photovoltaic sources provides baseline data for predictive energy management. This helps to compensate for the variability of sunlight as a source of energy. With the help of the PV forecast [click to continue…]

Presentation at Smart Energy Forum 2019

11. 11. 2019 Uncategorized

Presentation on the topic: SKYIMAGING AS A LOCAL SHORT-TERM FORECAST OF PV SYSTEM PERFORMANCE program konference: location: parallel afternoon program-Professional PV Workshop Time: 19/11 2019 od 16:10 Presentation available: pvforecast-sky 2019_cz_SEF [PDF]

Sky Scanner

12. 12. 2018 Uncategorized

We have assembled and put into operation a functional sample of equipment for interval imaging of the day sky (image collection, pre-processing and sending to a computer server) – sky scanners. The device consists of an IP camera, Rapberry Pi [click to continue…]

Sky sensor aggregator

12. 11. 2018 Uncategorized

We have developed software for interval shooting of the daytime sky (image collection, pre-processing and sending to a computer server). The software is intended for additional equipment to the IP camera. It can be downloaded at GitHub for UCEEB: [click to continue…]